Pýthō  wood turning studio is a part of Spiresporo, a social cooperative on the foothills of mount Kaimaktsalan of Northern Greece. When you join our projects, we welcome you to the mountain, our workshops, our research and our youth centre. 

Apprenticeships have always been an inherent aspect of practical arts. Today the goal is not only to pass the craft to another generation but to use the teacher  –  apprentice experience as a vehicle for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of our young participants as well.

Wood Turning Ermis Savvantoglou and visiting artists teach woodworking here since 2013. Local children and young adults participate as a part of our youth centre’s curriculum. Visiting schools or families have the opportunity to spend time with us and create something in the workshop. Individuals of any age who want to try the art of wood turning for the first time or more experienced woodworkers who want to share knowledge (and tree trunks) are also very welcome. If you are planning a visit to mount Kaimaktsalan click here to book a visit to the workshop! 

Youth Centre
Children’s Orchard was founded in 2013 by a small group of educators with a goal to offer creative learning to local children. Since then it has evolved listening to their ideas and needs, we could describe it as a home surrounded by workshops next to a large farm and forest garden.

Right on the northern border of Greece, among lakes, forest and mountains, away from urban centres, the disadvantage of remoteness has been turned to a creative adventure that seems to strengthen the bonds of local children to the ecosystem that surrounds them.

Research Projects

Bear Bones research centre organises and facilitates research expeditions, field research projects and seasonal surveys in the Mt. Voras region, Northern Greece.

Summer internships, student placements, dissertation data collection, and research projects are all welcome. You will be working alongside Dr Angeliki Savvantoglou from Bear Bones, as the local guide and supervisor.

Bear Bones and the Children’s Orchard Cooperative can facilitate research projects around ecology, wildlife conservation, environmental science and citizen science, but we are open to hear your ideas.

Organic Farming

Our organic farm produces vegetables, herbs and fruits. It is open to visitors and regularly hosts volunteers learning more about new and traditional ways of sustainable farming.

Our family has practiced natural farming, and local traditional farming techniques since 1987. Farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka visited us in 1998 for a large re-greening project and we grew up with his main proponent in the west, Panayotis Manikis, as our neighbour and very good friend. Have a look at this year’s preserves here